Moiola / Must see

Located along the road axis that goes up the valley, Moiola stands on an alluvial terrace where green cultivated fields merge with mountain slopes covered with woods and chestnut groves. The toponym comes from Latin “Molliola” (wetland), and, probably, has to be related to an ancient settlement located on the south side of the valley and abandoned for this new location due to frequent flooding.
In the town centre the Parish Church of Saint Giovanni is worth a visit, it is a late-Romanesque building built in 1742 as the date engraved on a window of the sacristy suggests. Not far from the centre, along the state highway, it is possible to visit the Saint Membotto Sanctuary, of medieval origin. Not far from the Sanctuary there is the Moiola Barrage, a military architecture work remained unfinished but interesting for its underground extension. Behind the country, towards the valley called “of the hills”, there is the Chapel of our Lady Crowded (16th century) which offers a great view of the lower valley. The most attentive will notice some ruins covered with ivy that probably mark the location of an ancient “castrum” on the road that leads to the Chapel.

La lezione dell’asino” is a wall-painting, inaugurated last July the mural by the artist Krayon focusing on the figure of the donkey. The work was carried out along a concrete retaining wall located in the center of the town which was well suited to becoming the subject of urban and landscape redevelopment. Two children are represented with a donkey, the traditional pack animal that crossed the valley and reached France, from which the work of rediscovering stories, places and traditions has restarted, which also involved the children of the Piano Quinto primary school.


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