Sambuco / Must see

Sambuco rises at the foot of the spectacular yellow-golden wall from which stand out the spires of Mount Bersaio to the north and Mount Nebius to the northeast, in an area inhabited since the pre-Roman times, which owes its name to an Occitan term indicating a dangerous valley passage, frequented by chamois and ibexes.
Surrounded by numerous hamlets that climb in the suggestive context of the upper valley, the district preserves on its territory important testimonies of this centuries-old history. Among these stands out the Chapel of Saint Giuliano with its tuff single lancet windows, a medieval origin building rebuilt in the 18th century. Inside the town stands the Civic Tower of Saint Bartolomeo built in a position of control of the valley as a watchtower, a powerful five floors building closed by a high pyramidal cusp, at the base of which stand out on a large boulder the Savoia’s knot and an inscription dating back to 1451. Not far away from the Parish Church of Santa Maria, built in the 15th century. Near the former elementary schools there is the Valley Documentation Center which promotes various initiatives to enhance the historical and cultural heritage of the valley.

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