Vinadio / Must see

Located on an inclined plane located at the confluence of the Neraissa valleys, Rio Freddo and Saint Anna, Vinadio has its roots in pre-Roman times, as confirmed by the toponym which derives from the Veneni tribe.
An ancient military stronghold, the town is characterized by the presence of the Albertino Fort, an imposing architectural work commissioned by Carlo Alberto of Savoia in 1830 to block the Cuneo valley and plain from the transalpine neighbors and in fact never used for war purposes. Home of the tourist office, the building hosts among the many services (camping, swimming lake, skating rink, events space) the innovative Mountain in Movement Museum, which through a fascinating multimedia path traces the valley’s history and beyond.

In the upper part of the village stands the Romanesque Bell Tower decorated with two orders of double lancet windows of the Parish Church of Saint Fiorenzo (17th century). Far from the council capital, but must see points of interest are the Sanctuary of Sant’Anna of Vinadio and the Vinadio Baths. Of medieval origin, the Sanctuary (the highest in Europe) can be reached by walking 16 km along the fascinating panoramic road which goes up the homonymous valley. Known since ancient times, the thermal baths develop in the Bath of Vinadio valley about 10 km from the council capital (the baths are currently undergoing renovations).


VINADIO - Palazzo Municipale
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