Pietraporzio / Must see

Located at the foot of the mixed fir woods that populate the upper valley, Pietraporzio rises against an artificial barrier on the River Stura, protected by a large boulder whose shape, similar to the back of a wild boar (“pietra porci”), would refer back to the curious toponym.
The district includes the state capital, and some interesting hamlets are documented since at least the Middle Ages. The area of the village placed on the orographic right of the Stura, wherein you can find the remains of arches and tuff corner stones from Middle Age, is very characteristic. Near the cemetery stand the “Catre Loupes” Bell tower (15th century), the only remains of the ancient Parish Church, so called for the presence of animal figures at the corner of the pinnacle. The current Parish Church of St. Stefano dates back to the late 18th century and has a bell tower with wooden shingle covers like the nearby Brotherhood of our Lady of Carmine. A few kilometres from the state capital, it is worth to visit the Ecomuseum of Pastoralism in the Pontebernardo hamlet, with its museum itinerary and its laboratories for the processing of “sambucana” sheep derivates.


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