Aisone / Must see

Supported by a large stone wall, Aisone stands on a morainic ruin placed at the foot of large ledges covered with pines and larches. Its name's origin is related to the activities aimed at the cultivation of hemp, that used to be macerated in the "izou", puddles of water which were common in the area. Among the oldest villages in the valley, (It is first mentioned in the 12th century) the village centre is dominated by the Parish Church of the Holy Nativity of Mary(18th century) with its five floor Romanesque tower (13th century) punctuated by both single and double lancet windows and wherein is hosted a Renaissance baptismal font (1441). Not far from the old town stand the remains of an ancient bridge- a medieval aqueduct that with its wide stone arches carried water to the Morra of Aisone. Many natural cavities that in Neolithic times hosted the first human settlements in the valley can be found upstream of the town (they can be visited by following the homonym path). Also of interest are the houses of the Rio Borbone valley that preserve their characteristic rye straw roofs, a typical construction technique of the valley. 

AISONE - Palazzo Municipale
Via Fossà, 2 - 12010 Aisone
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