Borgo San Dalmazzo / Must see

Borgo San Dalmazzo develops in the downstream area of the Olla Bridge, in a flat and prolific area at the entrance of the Stura, Gesso and Vermenagna valley. Of ancient Roman origin, the town rises on the slopes of the Monserrato Hill, a panoramic point overlooking the surrounding plain.
The old town still preserves its late-medieval urban setting, of which the Saint Rocco’s Arch (16th century) and some walls of the medieval shelter remain incorporated into the urban pattern as testimonies to this day. The heart of the town is the Parish Church of Saint Dalmazzo, a building documented since the 7th century and rebuilt several times until the current 18th century conformation, which was the seat of the important abbey of Saint Dalmazzo di Pedona. Nowadays, the abbey’s history is carried on by the Abbey Museum with its fascinating underground archaeological route that leads to the suggestive Romanesque crypt.
In the old town the Churches of the Confraternities of Santa Croce and of Misericordia (17th century), the Civic Tower (16th century) and MEMO4345 that is multimedia path  historical-didactic that gives voices to the Deportation Memorial. The Monserrato Sanctuary (17th century) is worth a walk, especially for the the view. All the venues can be visited by reserving a place by calling the local tourist office.


BORGO SAN DALMAZZO – Ufficio Turistico
Via Vittorio Veneto, 19 – 12011 Borgo San Dalmazzo
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