VALLORIATE - Museo "Guerra e Resistenza in Valle Stura" ("War and Resistance in the Stura Valley" Museum)

The Museum proposes, through photographs, documents and cards, a journey of historical knowledge on the impact that the wars of the five-year period 1940-1945 had on the territory and population of the Stura Valley. On the one hand, the fascist wars, from the attack on France (10 June 1940) to the campaign against Greece (28 October 1940), the aggression against Russia (June 1941) and the occupation of part of France (November 1942). On the other hand, the twenty months of partisan war, which are at the origin of the Republic, the Constitution and our democratic order: months that pass, with many complex events, from 12 September 1943 to the Liberation.

From the moment of its establishment, the Museum has enriched the original nucleus of the exhibition "Valle Stura in guerra 1940/1945” ("Valle Stura at war 1940/1945", mainly photographic and documentary) with objects, artefacts, testimonies capable of bearing tangible, material witness to those events. Mess tins and military tools, war souvenirs of those called to the front, but also remains of bombs and allied drops parachuted onto the Valloriate area, up to a machine gun hidden by the partisans at the time of the great sweep in April 1944, give an idea of the material circumstances in which soldiers and partisans moved.


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