BORGO SAN DALMAZZO - Deportation Memorial

On 21 November 1943, 329 people were deported from the Borgo San Dalmazzo railway station square to the Drancy camp and then to Auschwitz, where 311 of them were killed. They were foreign Jews, fleeing from France, who had been imprisoned for two months in the concentration camp set up not far away. On 15 February 1944, 26 further Jews were deported from this station to Fossoli di Carpi, from where they were then sent to Auschwitz or Buchenwald. Only two of them survived.

These are the events that the deportation memorial aims to remember. As then, the names of these people stand in a line on the square that saw them leave for their last journey after years of persecution, violence and humiliation. The memorial consists of a concrete slab, a hypothetical service platform for the freight wagons; the slab supports the twenty standing silhouettes representing the survivors and the 335 slabs fixed to the ground bear the name of each deportee who did not return from the extermination camps.

All the wagons are accessible while only one is equipped with an access ramp for people with reduced mobility. At the entrance to the memorial, an introductory and explanatory plaque has been placed to provide a commentary on the installation.

BORGO SAN DALMAZZO - Deportation Memorial
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