The Pilgrimages

There are many and varied reasons why people have crossed and still cross the Stura Valley, on foot, by car, of by the most diverse means of locomotion. One of the most fascinating and culturally relevant types of travel is pilgrimage. A common practice to all religions, pilgrimage consists in going collectively or individually to a sanctuary or sacred place to perform special acts of religion, whether for the purpose of piety or for votive or penitential purpose.
In Stura Valley the word pilgrimage immediately evokes the cult of St. Anna, the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to whom is dedicated the Sanctuary of the same name erected in his name in the district of Vinadio, at 2035 metres above sea level and whose history has ancient origin. The history documents already in the 14th century the presence of “a small chapel for the hospitality of wanderers and pilgrims” the hospice of S. Maria of Brasca” which will then become a church and sanctuary of “S. Anna”.
Even today, every year, thousands of pilgrims embark on the journey, alone or in groups, on foot from France and the lowland cities of the province of Cuneo to “make the vow to Saint Anna”.