Mountains, hills, forests, lakes and rivers constitute a rich heritage, made up of thousands of species including plants, birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and fishes. The Matirine Aples are one of the richest territories in plant biodiversity, with numerous endemic plant species. 
The area, during the glaciations, was partially touched by glaciers, preserving several plant species. In addition, in a few hundred metres you have calcareous and siliceous soils, which guarantee the coexistence of different botanical species. Cliffs and debris provide an ideal habitat for species that would otherwise be overwhelmed by more aggressive ones. This had led to the development, specialized and preserved of many species, animals and plants. Isolation and specialization have made it possible for many endemics, such as the saxifrage, to survive. Seaweeds, lichens and mosses also colonize the vertical walls.