Aisone / Must do

Aisone boasts a wide range of activities that develop throughout the year. Between spring and autumn, the hiking proposal focuses on two main areas: the steep and arduous sunny slope that develops behind the town and the deep valley called “Valletta” on the opposite side, included in the most northern territory of the Alpes-Maritimes Park. The possible trips are all different and with various levels of difficulty, for the laziest hikers the riverbed offers different areas where you can cool down in the river waters. An easy trip, suitable for everyone, is the one that leads to the Neolithic caves a few steps from the town.
In winter the district is a reference point for cross-county skiing. The bottom centre located in the plain beyond the Stura offers many of ski slope rings for a total of 50 km that allow reaching Vinadio, where you can ski in the scenic frame of the Forte Albertino, along the bastions and where there is an ice-skating dedicated area.