DEMONTE - Fort of the Consolata

The fort of the Consolata stood on the rocky terrace known as "il Podio" that overlooks the village of Demonte, where the sports facilities are now located.  Built from 1590 onwards to control the French border and equipped with cisterns, mills and an oven to ensure its self-sufficiency, the fort was reinforced during the following century; besieged during the War of the Succession of Austria, it was destroyed by Napoleon following the armistice of Cherasco.
The fort, or rather the ruins that remain of it, are located on the rocky relief in the middle of the Stura Valley, close to the town of Demonte. It can be reached by a diversion on Via Festiona (the road connecting the main town to the hamlet of Ospedalieri), which is on the left two hundred metres from the last houses of Demonte.

It is possible to access the esplanade at the sports field.
Via Paschero - 12010 Demonte CN

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