BORGO S. DALMAZZO - Museo dell'abbazia di San Dalmazzo di Pedona (Museum of the Abbey of San Dalmazzo di Pedona)

Opened in 2005 at the end of a decade of work, the Museum of the Abbey of San Dalmazzo di Pedona is housed in the ancient abbey palace built during the final centuries of the Middle Ages close to the Church of San Dalmazzo (today the town's parish church), for centuries the centre of the Benedictine abbey taking the same name. Organised into several museum rooms and a fascinating underground archaeological itinerary, the museum illustrates the historical evolution of the abbey site and the entire town of Borgo San Dalmazzo.

The tour starts from the ancient Roman town of Pedona, in whose necropolis the cult of the young martyr Dalmazzo began during the early Christian era, and through the foundation of the first Longobard abbey reaches the splendour of the Romanesque period when the abbey of Pedona achieved strategic importance for the entire territory on the Alpine watershed.

The evocative tour allows visitors to appreciate the complex architectural stratification of the various buildings that have followed one another thanks to the underground itinerary in which the spectator can almost touch the ancient buildings that preceded today's parish church. The heart and jewel of the tour is the ancient Romanesque crypt, unique for its charm and architectural interest.


Saturday - Sunday: 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.
For groups and schools upon reservation on different days and times (Monday - Saturday).

Full 5.00 euro - Reduced 3.00 euro
The museum is a member of the Abbonamento Torino Musei network.

tel: 0171.266133 (Ufficio Parrocchiale),
tel: 0171.206080 (Ufficio Turistico Borgo San Dalmazzo)