For twelve years now the month of June represents for the Valley the Promenado Bike Marathon month, one of the most important provincial events for mtb enthusiasts and with its twelve editions one of the longest-running competitions in this sector.
The race sees as a starting point and arrival the suggestive setting of the Vinadio Fort, symbol of the Valley, as well as an example of military architecture among the most significant of the entire Alpine arc - the two tracks develop among the beautiful breath-taking scenery of the Cuneesi Maritime Alps where they are designed by passionate experts. Recently the race has been included in the Marathon Bike Cup and thanks to the collaboration of enthusiasts, associations and administrations it represents an unmissable moment of celebration for both experienced enthusiasts and amateurs! The Promenado is organized by the Stura Sport Association ASD, if you love dust and toothed wheels, but even if you love the mountain you jump on their site to discover all their activities (!