Cold Fair

December the 5th, Borgo San Dalmazzo

The Cold Fair has a history of more than 400 years. Established by Emanuele Filiberto in 1569, it takes place every year on December the 5th and consecrates the district of Bordo San Dalmazzo as the gastronomic capital of the Snail (the Helix Pomatia Alpina). Inside the Fair takes place the national market of the snail where it is possible to purchase all varieties of snail. It is also possible to carry out tastings of the Helix Pomatia Alpina at the Bertello Palace area. Over the years the Fair has developed considerably to the point that for a whole week the district of Borgo is animated by side events such as conferences, shows, exhibitions and gastronomic events that obviously have as an undisputed queen the Snail.