Borgo San Dalmazzo / Must do

Located at the confluence of three important valleys – Stura, Gesso and Vermenagna - Borgo San Dalmazzo is worth a visit to the pretty old town, characterized by several points of historical and artistic interest, and representing an interesting starting point for pleasant walking and cycling trips.
The Gesso and Stura River Park offer some interesting cycle paths of different difficulty levels that wind through country roads, historic farmhouses and canals. Another itinerary to note, easy to walk, is the one which starting from the city centre reaches the town of Beguda through the way of the woods and continues in the Stura valley along the military road.
Among the proposal of tourist and hiking itineraries we point out, for example, a simple walk which leads from the town of Borgo to the Monserrato Sanctuary, located in a highly panoramic position, or the excursion which from the hamlet of Saint Antonio of d’Aradolo, passing through an interesting route dedicated to sundials, reaches Monte Croce, from which the view ranges over the lower stretch of the Gesso Valley and on the entire middle stretch of the Stura Valley.