Pietraporzio / Must do

There are countless hiking possibilities, of different levels of difficulty, which develop both from the state capital, which rises in a beautiful basin located at the confluence of the Piz Valley with the Stura Valley, and from the three characteristic hamlets that compose it: Pontebernardo, Murenz and Castello. One of the most interesting itineraries is the one that leads from “Pian della Regina” to the Zanotti refuge, characterized by wide views and panoramas, which meets several military works and an imposing centuries-old larch, “Lou Merze gros”, in the local dialect. Also, near this location from mid-September you can listen to typical deer bellows emitted during their mating period.

The Panchina Gigante has been positioned on a hiking trail, which can only be reached on foot or by mountain bike, starting from the Borgata Castello. On the municipal road towards Castello there are signs indicating the path to reach the giant bench. Fans of giant benches will thus have a new vantage point to admire and a new stamp to put on their passport.
The village also offers several possibilities for ski mountaineering excursions, the best known of which is the one that leads to the head of “Costabella del Piz”. In Pietraporzio, near the hamlet of Pontebernarso, where a visit to the Ecomuseum of Pastoralism is not to be missed.