Is it necessary to book reception facilities?
Yes, as the entire route is only walked in the summer season, it is necessary to book well in advance. There are several establishments, so if you change your route a little, you can still find accommodation.

Is the Credential mandatory?
No, but only with the Credential will you be able to obtain reserved discounts in affiliated establishments and collect the final testimonial. Furthermore, the Credential is useful for us to understand how many people make the Path and therefore to act efficiently on the promotion and above all on the maintenance of the route and the paths.


Where can I get my Credential?
The Credential has to be collected at the ATL del Cuneese in Cuneo, via Pascal, 7 (ex Foro Boario). The office is normally open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For further information please consult the website http://www.cuneoholiday.com/ .

Is the Path signposted?
Yes, it is fully marked, but it is always better to have a hiking map with you and the downloadable GPS tracks on this site.

Is it possible to cycle the Path?
For the most part, yes, but not entirely. If you want to cycle it, you will need to download GPS tracks, as there are no signs on the stretches "outside" the traditional path.

Is the Path accessible for people in wheelchairs?
The hiking route is not accessible to wheelchairs, as the ground is often uneven and at times on a path with significant gradients. 

The bike route can be recommended, although there are some steep sections (especially the final ascent to the Sanctuary).

Can the Path be walked alone?
Absolutely! The entire route takes place in quiet and fairly well frequented by hikers. Encounters with wildlife such as roe deer at lower altitudes and marmots at higher altitudes are very likely.

Phone coverage is very good.

Can the Path be walked with a dog?
Yes, you just need to make sure that the accommodation where you stay accepts them. In the case of affiliated establishments, a symbol indicates that they can accommodate your four-legged friends.  

Can the Path be walked with children?
Definitely yes! Being a walk with short stages and very customisable, it is well suited to children who want to approach the world of multi-stage walks.

Where can I leave my car in Cuneo?
See the section - How to get there

How can I get back to Cuneo?
See the section - "How to get back to Cuneo".


Is it possible to walk the route outside the summer period?
Yes, but only the first 3 stages because the valley that climbs from Vinadio to the Sanctuary (stage 4) is snow-covered and there is a risk of avalanches in winter. Furthermore, the Sant'Anna Sanctuary refuge is normally open from 15 June to 15 September.


The project has just started and to stay updated we need your opinions or suggestions, so please do not hesitate to write to us at unione.montana@vallestura.cn.it.

We will always be ready to respond to your needs!