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The Saint Anne's Path has its own Credential to certify your passage in the accommodation facilities of the Path. The Credential can be purchased, at a cost of 3 euros, at the ATL del Cuneese head office, located in Cuneo in via Pascal, 7 (ex Foro Boario). The office is normally open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For further information please visit

For further information please visit

The Credential is strictly personal (even in the case of groups one copy per person must be distributed) and entitles you to receive a 10% discount in all the affiliated establishments.

When you have completed your walk, in front of the Sanctuary of Sant'Anna, you can go to the Sant'Anna Refuge and with your credential, collect the "Testimonium" to certify the completion of your walk.



La Via di Sant'Anna has 2 departures, both in the city of Cuneo, to allow you to arrive in the way you prefer.

TRAIN: The main departure point is in front of the railway station, connected with the Turin-Cuneo, Savona - Cuneo (changing at Fossano) and Limone P.te - Cuneo (for those arriving from France) routes.

BUS: Both departures can be reached by bus and the departure of Piazza Torino is the terminus of all routes.

CAR: Cuneo can be reached by car via the motorway, arriving from Turin (98 km) or Savona (100 km) and Genoa (150 km). There are several free parking areas around Cuneo (Piazzale Walther Cavallera or Ex eliporto car park - 50 m from ATL del Cuneese)



Once at the Sanctuary of Sant'Anna, there are several ways to return to Vinadio and Cuneo:


1. Taxi service to Vinadio (or to Cuneo)

Rifugio Sant’Anna -        +39 392 545 6245 -  +39 0171 959125


2. Bus line Vinadio - Cuneo

ATI Bus:   ---- partenza da “Vinadio” e arrivo a “Cuneo” per sapere gli orari


3. Return on foot to Vinadio + bus

The beauty of the Sant'Anna valley is certainly worth an extra day's walk back to Vinadio.

ATI Bus:   ---- departure from "Vinadio" and arrival in "Cuneo" for timetables


4. Return on foot via the Malinvern Refuge

If you have the possibility to walk 2 more days, we recommend this spectacular hike to return to Vinadio, stopping at the Malinvern Refuge: .

See below the gps tracks:

  •   Santuario di Sant’Anna – Rifugio Malinvern (14,0 km – 790 m difference in altitude)     GPS track
  •   Rifugio Malinvern – Vinadio (through the 19th century forts) (17,6 km  - 340 m difference in altitude)     GPS track