DEMONTE - Vallone dell'Arma



The Vallone dell’Arma branches from Demonte town in a north-west direction, in fact parallel to the high course in the Stura River, culminating with the “Colle di Valcavera”, a watershed between the Stura, Maira and Grana Valleys, from which you can reach the Mulo Hill, the Fauniera Hill and the Gardetta plateau. The paved road, about 30 kilometres long, allows you to cross a series of traditional hamlets, Fedio, San Maurizio, Trinità and San Giacomo, and to admire a still uncontaminated landscape dominated by cattle farms and alpine pastures.
The Valley offers the possibility of numerous excursions for all levels and is a popular corner for mountaineering ski trips and snow rackets.
Is recommended, starting from the “Colle di Valcavera”, the nature trail “Lou viol d’es Fiour”, the flower trail, which, following a military track, reaches the Guiette pass and the Serour rocks and, in the stretch that leads to the Fauniera Hill, the statue dedicated to the cyclist Pantani.