AISONE - The caves

Located a short distance from the town in the lower valley, the Aisone Caves preserve traces of a seasonal settlement dating back to the Middle and Final Neolithic (5th, begin of the 4th century B.C.) and testify how in this era the Valley was witnessing (as did the rest of Piedmont) the multiplication of settlements and a widespread occupation of the territory with the colonization of mountain areas that go as far as the alpine valleys. 
Thanks to the finds rediscovered during the archaeological investigations and now preserved at the Civic Museum of Cuneo, it was possible to discover many things about the life of the first inhabitants of the Stura Valley. Hunting and pastoralism were the main source of livelihood for regulars of the site. Stone grinders and little grinders testify to the knowledge and practice of agriculture. Stone tools and bone artefacts then indicate an intense activity of producing and transformation of animal and vegetable raw materials.
The caves can be reached through a short loop path which leads first through small hamlets where you can still admire the remains of some rye straw roofs. For excellent sun exposure, it is an ideal excursion in the mid-seasons.