PIETRAPORZIO - The barricades

Just above Pietraporzio stands in a characteristic position the Hamlet of Pontebernardo surmounted by the mountain ridge that forms the fearful gorge of the Barricades. The ridge is formed by high vertical walls of limestone rock furrowed by stratigraphic curves that fall to the road. A natural bottleneck considered unsurpassed until 1744, when the Gallo-Hispanic army managed to get around it, opening the way to Demonte and Cuneo.
The set of reddish towers called the Becchi Rossi, located in a dominant point of the Valley and opposed to the Barricades, were re-strengthened between 1925/1925 and the 30s with about twenty concrete and cave resistance centres, at the time armed with anti-tank cannons and machine guns. This defensive work gives shape to one of the largest underground complexes in the Stura Valley.
Whether you are just passing through or sharing a few days of holiday with us, the barricades deserve to be seen!