Ski mountaineering

Due to its territorial shape during the winter months, the Valley offers everyone, beginners and experts, the opportunity to discover their valleys by slipping on white snowy mantle with trips of different difficulty. Given its extension it is impossible to describe the countless possibilities and proposal in this long tradition fields, the large side valleys allow an infinite number of excursions, from the simplest to the most technically complex, which will allow you to fully enjoy the mountain in winter.
As for the summer the trips many, and therefore giving advice in a few words would be impossible. Valleys, lakes, hills, rings and overpass paths between valleys represent a treasure that every valley inhabitant will be able to recount you. For all itineraries we always recommend proper caution and a good knowledge of nivological phenomena in order to be able to evaluate the practicability of excursions without incurring the danger of avalanches. In the Valley there are several alpine guides, refer to them to live a unique experience in complete safety.

To get a “graphic” idea of all possible trips and technical characteristics, our champion Katia Tomatis, athlete of the Italian ski mountaineering team, has created in collaboration with the alpine guides and the Fraternali Editore the Ski mountaineering card  Scialpinismo in Valle Stura in Valle Stura, which can be purchased in the Stura Valley and in Cuneo at book shops, stationery shops and sport shops.

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