Water sports

Do you want to discover the Valley from a different point of view? The, remember to pack your swimsuit too! For all the nature and adventure lovers, the Valley offers not only fascinating peaks and incredible itineraries to walk or bike. In facts, thanks to its conformation, the course of the River Stura represents the ideal environment to enter the magical world of river sports and spend an exciting experience alone, with friends, with family, abandoning yourself to the pleasures of sport discovery and adventure.
The activities that can be carried out on the river are varied: canoeing, rafting, kayak rafting, hot-dog, hydro speed. Depending on the water level, the difficulties range from 2nd to 3rd on a scale of 6 degrees. Rafting on the river takes about three hours and runs 8 kilometres of rapids. The only requirement required is a certain confidence with water, to the rest will be thought of by the different operators who propose activities related to these interesting ways of experiencing nature!