With its more than 60 km of extension, the Valley represents a territory full of facets that offers to tourists different opportunities for discovery related to trekking. In this sector the offer is varied and differentiated, ranging from the easy walks of the lower valley to the most demanding itineraries that in the middle and upper valley, which especially on the orographic right side offer fascinating glimpses.
The different geological composition between the right side (crystalline tocks) and left orographic (sedimentary rocks) also gives the Valley a landscape with strong differences and which is characterized by the presence of many lakes on the southern side and almost non on the northern side.
The trips are really many, and therefore giving advice in a few words would be impossible. Unmissable are certainly the itineraries that develop from the Sanctuary of Saint Anna of Vinadio, such as those that leave near the Hill. Valleys, lakes, hills, rings and paths with other valleys represent a treasure that every valley inhabitant will be able to tell you. Therefore, our advice is to talk to the valley people and have you recommended according to your stay and your abilities the most appropriate itineraries, or to refer to the valley guides and naturalistic guides in order to build your experience with the help of qualified staff!

On these websites you can also find detailed descriptions of some of the most spectacular excursions in the valley.