As we told while talking about hiking during the summer months, with its more that 60 km extension, the valley represents a territory full of facets that offers tourists different opportunities for discoveries related to trekking. Many of these paths represent fascinating scenarios not only between spring and summer, but also in winter when the snow falls, and everything is covered with a soft white coat! So, all we must do is invite you to come and discover our intense and a wild environment, our crazy good views even in the winter months with snow rackets, heavy clothes and the desire to immerse yourself in the silence of the winter mountain.

In the Saint Bernolfo Valley, you will find the only valley path exclusively dedicated to “snowshoeing” during the whole winter season, beaten by a snowcat and which runs alongside the cross-country ski slopes.

The trips are really a lot and have different levels of difficulty. The Unione Montana Valle Stura created an

instrument to help you find the best twenty snowshoeing of Stura Valley the map guide “Ciaspole Valle Stura di Demonte” which was created with the collaboration of “Fraternali Editore” and the ATL del Cuneese and Terres Monviso’s support. The excursions are in all towns of the valley from Borgo San Dalmazzo to Argentera. It’s possible to buy the map guide in Unione Montana Valle Stura in Demonte, in Porta di Valle – Valle Stura and in some structures of the valley.

For the sake of brevity and the need to summarize the book, the extra contents are synthetics.

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