Helix pomatia alpina

In ancient years, in the valleys of Cuneo, snails represented the frugal meal of “cartuè”, the transporters on wagons, who consumed them in the many taverns simply boiled and dimmed in sauces based on garlic and parsley after being extracted from the shell with a blacksmith’s nail. Today the snail has instead acquired the ability to attract gourmands and has become a refired dish and in our valley, especially on the territory of the district of Borgo San Dalmazzo, has found its specific product: the Alpine Helix pomatia. A particular type of mollusc which thanks to the microclimate of our territory has purchased characteristics much appreciated by enthusiasts. The breeding of borgarine snail still takes place in a traditional way, based mostly on the collection in nature of molluscs, with subsequent stages of fattening and finishing in captivity. Its production is protected by a consortium of breeding of breeders, restaurateurs and gastronomic operators who work hard to withdraw, use or market the productions of the associated “elicicoltori”, ensuring their traceability. If you want to discover the taste of this delicacy, we are waiting for you in December at the Cold Fair, one of the oldest fairs in our territory and in Italy where the snail, with all the other flavours of the valley, is the undisputed queen of cuisine.