Sambucano lamb

The presence of the sambucana sheep in the Valley has very ancient origins. Despite this origin in the 80s this bree had practically disappeared in the valley, were no more than 80 specimen could be counted. From this point of no return, however, the rebirth began. The Consortium “L’Escaruon”, the ram selection centre and the Eco museum of Pastoralism of Pietraporzio were born, and the “Guaranteed Sambucano Lamb” mark was obtained. In recent years a meat processing centre and a thematic restaurant have been opened, and there have been many cultural events that have allowed not only the repopulation (today in the valley every year 10.000 lambs are born) but the enhancement of a fundamental trait of our identity.
Lambs grow in small farms, grazing freely during the summer and protected  in the stable during the rest of the year and fed with dry hay, are valuable for wool, but above all for meat. The greatest production falls in the Christmas period, on the last Sunday of October, in Vinadio, the “Saints Fair” is the opportunity to exhibit the best items of Sambucana sheep. The event represnts one of the main events of the valley... If you want to try these and other products from our basket this is the right time to come and discover us, we are waiting for you!