The Valley still boasts a typical cuisine that has preserved solid roots in the traditions of a distant past; a purely agricultural past made of simple dishes, based on local raw materials and rich in taste. Crouséts are one of them.
The dough is composed of flour, water and oil. Once processed, the dough is then cut into pieces, then rolled into doughballs that are to be cut into smaller pieces; each piece is then made to crawl under the thumb to obtain small bowls of similar shape to “orecchiette” and the (tasty) game is done. Traditional meat and cheese sauces create tasteful dishes! Since 2017 “Crousét” is a collective brand to preserve the traditional technique of preparation and guarantee the quality of the product to the final consumer. You can taste the Crousét or buy them directly from the merchants of Vinadio and Stura Valley who display the brand logo on the showcase. Every year, in June, Vinadio celebrates its typical product par excellence with the “Crousét Festival”.