Raviola valauriana

Among the many products of the Valley one of the most deliciuos is certainly the “Raviola Valauriana”, a special recipe that brings together the ancient ingredients of mountain cuisine and culinary innovation. The protagonists of the dish are buckwheat and the ancient potato cake of Valloriate. Buckwheat is one of the symbolic products of the mountain with its ability to grow in poor souls and guarantee a high energy value to the dishes that see it as the protagonist. Potato cake was instead a dish of celebration days because in its preparation were used ingredients that were not easy to find. Thanks to these two ingredients, the restaurants of Valloriate have created a special “raviola” that because of the close link with the products and traditions of this territory has taken the name of “Valauriana raviola” what can we say? All you must do is come and taste it!